Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Tutorial

Creating and Accessing Dynamic MBeans

In the first run of the example, the management application creates, manages, and unregisters a standard MBean in the remote agent. However, standard and dynamic MBeans are designed to be managed through the same methods, both in the MBeanServer and in the RemoteMBeanServer interfaces.

As shown in Example 10–4, the subroutine of the example application takes only a single class name parameter. The first time this subroutine is called, the example passes the class name of a standard MBean, and the second time, that of a dynamic MBean. For the example to run, the two MBeans must have an identical management interface. By extension of this special case, we see that the connector client can manage dynamic MBeans through the same methods as it manages standard MBeans, without making any distinction between the two.