Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Tutorial

Format of the acl Group

The acl group contains one or more access configurations.

acl = {

Each access configuration has the following format:

   communities = communityList
   access = accessRights
   managers = hostList

The communityList is a list of SNMP community names to which this access control applies. The community names in this list are separated by commas.

The accessRights specifies the rights to be granted to all managers connecting from the hosts specified in the hostList. There are two possible values: either read-write or read-only.

The hostList item gives the hosts of the managers to be granted the access rights. The hostList is a comma-separated list of hosts, each of which can be expressed as any one of the following:

The set of all access configurations defines the access policy of the SNMP agent. A manager whose host is specified in a hostList and that identifies itself in one of the communities of the same configuration will be granted the permissions defined by the corresponding accessRights. A manager's host can appear in several access configurations provided it is associated with a different community list. This will define different access communities with different rights from the same manager.

A manager whose host-community identification pair does not appear in any of the access configurations will be denied all access. This means that protocol data units (PDU) from this manager will be dropped without being processed.