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Sun Netra CT 900 Server Product Notes

Product Notes



Sun Netra CT900 Server Product Notes

Known Issues


Additional Copyright Information

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Automated Firmware Upgrade Support

Blade Server Deferred Upgrade Activation

Linux (RedHat 5.3) Firmware for BIOS

Retaining Custom IPMC Configurations Across Upgrades

Documentation for Configuring SNMP Traps and Processing Notifications

Shelf Manager Upgrades

New Fan-Speed Acoustic Level Commands

ShMM OpenHPI Upgrades

ShMM Firmware Version 2.6.4 Upgrade

New Features

Commands for Setting and Displaying Management Port Access

Commands for Setting and Displaying Management Port Routing

Upgrading the Software and Firmware

Downloading Packages

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Download Packages

Upgrading Systems and Components

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Upgrade the ShMM and Firmware

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Upgrade Blades and Other Components

Increasing the FRU Image Size

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Increase FRU Image Size

Obtaining Rear Transition Module FRU ID

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Obtain Rear Transition Module FRU ID

Maximum Serial Cable Length

Failure LED on Power Entry Module

Shielded Cables for Serial Ports

Serial Number Label Location