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Sun StorEdge 6920 System Release Notes, Release 3.2

Release 3.2



Sun StorEdge 6920 System Release Notes, Release 3.2

New Features for Release 3.2

Tree-based Navigation Flow

Mapping Summary Table

Graphical Alert Icons

Activity Log Display

StorADE Alarm Interface

4-GB SAN Support

Supported Software and Hardware

Supported Web Browsers

Additional Supported Data Host Software

Supported Fibre Channel Switches, HBAs, Data Hosts, and Operating Systems

Supported Languages

Upgrading to Release 3.2

Supported Upgrade Paths

System Usage Limits

Release Documentation

Known Issues in Release 3.2

Other Known Issues Not Applicable to Release 3.2


Configuration and Element Management Software

Data Services Platform Firmware

Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment


Known Documentation Issues

General Documentation Issues


System Administration Guide and Online Help Corrections

Restoring the System After a Full Shutdown

Combining Replication Sets in a Consistency Group

Best Practices Guide Corrections

Remote Replication

sscs CLI Man Page Addition

Service Contact Information