Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation

Configure the Data Source in a WebSphere Cluster

When configuring the data source in clustered WebSphere environments, configure it at the cell level. This allows the data source to be accessed from all nodes in the cell.

To configure this use the -D $propertiesFilePath option where $propertiesFilePath contains:



-u iiop://localhost:jndi_port/

ProcedureTo Determine the JNDI Port to Specify

Examine the WebSphere configuration to determine the JNDI port to specify.

  1. In the WebSphere administration console, navigate to Servers > Application Servers > Your_Server > Ports.

  2. Look at the BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS property. Use the specified port in the java.naming.provider.url property.

    Note –

    The java.naming.provider.url uses localhost as the hostname. WebSphere replicates a JNDI server on each node in the cluster so that each application server has its own JNDI server to query. Specify localhost for the host so that each application server in the cluster is used as the JNDI server that Identity Manager queries when the DataSource is being located.