Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation

ProcedureTo Configure the Data Source

  1. Click Resources > JDBC Providers > Your_JDBC_Provider_Name > Data Sources tab in the left pane to display the Data sources page. The right pane displays a table of data sources configured for use with this JDBC provider. Click the New button above the table of data sources.

  2. Use the wizard provided to configure the general properties for the new data source. Note the following on the Enter basic data source information page:

    • The JNDI Name is the path to the DataSource object in the directory service. You must specify this same value as the -f argument in setRepo -tdbms -iinitCtxFac -ffilepath.

    • Select the Component-managed Authentication Alias that you created in Configuring a JDBC Provider. These are the credentials that will be used to access the DBMS (to which this DataSource points).

      Click Next when you have configured this panel. The Create New JDBC provider page is displayed.

  3. Configure the database-specific properties for this data source as needed. Refer to the online help for information about the available properties.

    Make sure Use this data source in container-managed persistence (CMP) is unchecked. Identity Manager does not use Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs). Click Next to go to the summary page.

  4. Click Finish to save your data source.