Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation

ProcedureTo Configure a JDBC Provider

Before You Begin

Use WebSphere’s administration console to configure a new JDBC Provider.

  1. Click the Resources tab in the left pane to display a list of resource types.

  2. Click JDBC then JDBC Providers to display a table of configured JDBC providers.

  3. Click the New button above the table of configured JDBC providers.

  4. Select from the list of JDBC database types, provider types, and implementation types. Optionally modify the Name and Description fields.

    Oracle, Oracle JDBC Drive, and Connection pool Data Source will be used for this example.

    Click Next.

  5. Enter database classpath information. The contents of the Enter database class path information page may vary, depending on what you selected in the previous step.

    • Specify the path to the JAR that contains the JDBC driver. For example, to specify the Oracle thin driver, specify a path similar to the following:


      Click Next.

    • Complete any other fields as required. The selected database, provider, and implementation types determine which fields are displayed. Click Next when you have completed the dialog.

    • A summary page is displayed. When you are finished reviewing your selections, click the Finish button at the bottom of the table. Click the Save link to keep your definition. The right pane should display the provider you added.

      To configure a data source that uses this JDBC provider, see Point the Identity Manager Repository to the Data Source.