Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Upgrade

Custom File System Objects

You might need to update your customized file system objects to enable them to function properly with later Identity Manager releases. List any customized file system object names that are in your environment as explained in the following sections.

Modified JavaServer Pages Files

Recent Identity Manager versions might contain API changes. If you have modified .jsp files in your installation, you might have to update them when upgrading. You must update any JSP that was supplied by Identity Manager and changed during a deployment (or a custom JSP that uses Identity Manager APIs) to work with the new JSP structure and API changes for the target release.

Note –

For a detailed description of API changes, see the Identity Manager Release Notes for the release to which you are upgrading.

Use the inventory -m command (described on Identity Manager Assessment Tools) to identify any JSP modifications made in your deployment.

For more information about JSP customizations, see Chapter 11, Editing Configuration Objects, in Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Technical Deployment Overview.

Modified File

Record any changes that you made to the default file.

Modified File

Record any changes that you made to the default file.

Customized Property Files

Record any changes that you made to other property files on your system.

Custom Resource Adapters (and Other Custom Java)

You might have to recompile your custom resource adapters, depending on the target Identity Manager version. All custom Java code that uses Identity Manager APIs (including custom resource adapters) requires a recompile during upgrading. Also, consider other Java classes that use the Identity Manager library.

Modified Stylesheets

Record any changes that you made to the Identity Manager stylesheets.