Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Upgrade

Review Your Existing Upgrade Procedure

Does your existing upgrade procedure specify exactly who does what and when as you upgrade your Identity Manager application in each environment? Is it clear how and why the procedure differs in each environment? Is your procedure up-to-date? Does your upgrade procedure contain the same steps for your Test environment and for your QA environment that it does for your Production environment? If not, you must revise your upgrade procedure appropriately.

Are there important considerations that are unique to your Production environment? If so, your upgrade procedure must rehearse the same steps in your QA environment. See Special Considerations for Production. If the duration of the upgrade procedure in your Production environment is important, then be sure that your upgrade procedure says to record the duration of each step in each environment. Upgrading your QA environment should give you a particularly good indication of how long it will take to upgrade your Production environment.