Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Upgrade

Upgrade All Gateway Instances

Upgrade every Sun Identity Manager Gateway installation in your environment. Newer versions of Identity Manager server do not work with older versions of the Gateway.

ProcedureTo Upgrade the Identity Manager Gateway

  1. Log in to the Windows system and change to the directory where Gateway is installed.

  2. Stop the Gateway service.

    gateway -k
  3. If using at least Windows 2000, exit all instances of the Services MMC plug-in.

  4. Remove the Gateway service.

    gateway -r
  5. Back up and delete the existing Gateway files.

  6. Extract the new Gateway files.

    If you are installing the newly upgraded Gateway on a system that is not the Identity Manager server, then copy the file from the Identity Manager installation package.

  7. Unpack the file into the directory where Gateway was installed.

  8. Install the Gateway service.

    gateway -i
  9. Start the Gateway service.

    gateway -s