Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Upgrade

Upgrade All PasswordSync Instances

Unless the Release Notes specify otherwise, newly installed versions of the Identity Manager server provide limited, temporary support for older versions of PasswordSync. This support is provided so that Identity Manager can continue to run while you upgrade your PasswordSync instances. All instances of PasswordSync should be updated to the same version as Identity Manager Server as soon as possible.

To upgrade PasswordSync, you must uninstall each PasswordSync installation in your environment and reboot. Use the add/modify programs feature from the Windows Control Panel to ensure correct removal.

Replace each installation with the new PasswordSync version and reboot. Use the appropriate binary file for the operating system on which you are installing. The binary for 32-bit Windows is called IdmPwSync_x86.msi and the binary for 64-bit Windows is called IdmPwSync_x64.msi.

Note –

You must reboot Windows twice: Once after uninstalling PasswordSync, and once after installing the new version. The two reboots are necessary due to the way the Windows Security Service loads the PasswordSync DLL.

For installation instructions, see Installing and Configuring PasswordSync on Windows in Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator’s Guide.