Sun Identity Manager Overview

Getting to Know Sun's Other Identity Management Products

In addition to Identity Manager, Sun's other identity management solutions include Sun JavaTM System Directory Server Enterprise Edition, Sun OpenSSO Enterprise, and Sun Role Manager. These products complement Identity Manager, and, in the case of Role Manager, can extend the capabilities of Identity Manager.

What is Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition?

Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition is a scalable, high-performance LDAP data store for identity information. Directory Server Enterprise Edition provides core directory services, as well as other complementary data services. Competing directory service offerings include Active Directory from Microsoft and eDirectory from Novell.

What is OpenSSO Enterprise?

Sun OpenSSO Enterprise (formerly Sun Java System Access Manager and Sun Java System Federation Manager) centralizes and enforces a comprehensive security policy for internal and external applications and web services. It provides secure and centralized access control and single sign-on (SSO) functionality. And it allows for federated identity management, which makes it possible to share applications with companies that have different directory services, security, and authentication technologies. Federated partners trust each other to authenticate their respective users and vouch for their right to access services.

What is Sun Role Manager?

Sun Role Manager (formerly Vaau RBACx) simplifies access control compliance by managing access based on a user's roles within a company and not on an individual, user-by-user basis. By creating roles based on usage and enterprise policies, companies can gain greater visibility into access and manage it in a more efficient, secure, and compliant manner.