Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference


Use the OS400UserFormRules to manage the default User Form values for an OS400 resource.



You must specify the following for a custom OS400UserFormRules rule:




Not specified 




See Table 4–7

Predefined Rules 

OS400 User Form Default Values 

The following table lists the example OS400UserFormRules.

Table 4–7 Example OS400UserFormRules

Rule Name 


Default Password Expiration Interval 

Returns the default value for the password expiration interval. The returned value is 90. 

Default Initial Program Call 

Returns the default initial program called for a user. The returned value is *LIB/CCTC00CLP.

Max Storage List Choices 

Returns a list of Max Storage Defaults. The values are in Kilobytes and equate to: No maximum, 10MB, 50MB, 100MB. 

Initial Menu Default 

Returns the initial menu default value. The returned value is *SIGNOFF.

Language ID Default 

Returns the default language ID value. The returned value is *SYSVAL.

Country ID Default 

Returns the default country ID value. The returned value is *SYSVAL.

Character Set Default 

Returns a list of the default character set values. The returned value is *SYSVAL.

UID Default 

Returns the UID default value. The returned value is *GEN.

Home Directory Prepend 

Path to prepend to user ID to form home directory.