Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Updating Resources Associated with an Account

In an update action, Identity Manager updates the resources that are associated with a user account. Updates performed from the accounts area send any pending changes that were previously made to a user to the resources selected.

This situation may occur if:

When you update the user account, you have the following options:

Updating Resources on a Single User Account

To update a user account, select it in the list, and then select Update from the User Actions list.

On the Update Resource Accounts page, select one or more resources to update, or select Update All resource accounts to update all assigned resource accounts. When finished, click OK to begin the update process. Alternatively, click Save in Background to perform the action as a background process.

A confirmation page confirms the data sent to each resource.

Figure 3–3 illustrates the Update Resource Accounts page.

Figure 3–3 Update Resource Accounts

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Updating Resources on Multiple User Accounts

You can update two or more Identity Manager user accounts at the same time. Select more than one user account in the list, and then select Update from the User Actions list.

Note –

When you choose to update multiple user accounts, you cannot select individually assigned resource accounts from each user account. Rather, this process updates all resources on all user accounts you select.