Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Create, Update, and CreateOrUpdate Commands

If you are performing Create, Update, or CreateOrUpdate commands, you can specify fields from the User View in addition to the user and command fields. The field names used are the path expressions for the attributes in the views. See User View Attributes in Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference for information about the attributes that are available in the User View. If you are using a customized User Form, then the field names in the form contain some of the path expressions that you can use.

Some of the more common path expressions used in bulk actions are:

The following example illustrates the CSV format for create and update actions:

password.confirmPassword,accounts[Windows Active Directory].description,
accounts[Corporate Directory].location Create,John Doe,
Windows Active Directory|Solaris Server,changeit,changeit,John Doe - 888-555-5555,
Create,Jane Smith,Corporate Directory,changeit,changeit,,New York
CreateOrUpdate,Bill Jones,,,,,California

The CreateOrUpdate command allows you to specify a specific account-type on a resource that supports multiple account-types. So if a user has multiple accounts on a specific resource, with each account being a different account type, the following example shows how to update the admin account type for the userAye user:


Note –

Although the CreateOrUpdate command allows you to set account-specific attributes for a user's accounts, be aware that the following values in the global section of the User's View will be applied to all specified accounts:

Consequently, a BulkOps command of the following form might not do what you expect.


If userAye already has a value for email, that value will be applied to the email attribute on the Sim1 resource. You have no way to override this behavior.