Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Fields with More Than One Value

Some fields can have multiple values. These are known as multivalued fields. For example, the waveset.resources field can be used to assign multiple resources to a user. You can use the vertical bar (|) character (also known as the “pipe” character) to separate multiple values in a field. The syntax for multiple values can be specified as follows:

value0 | value1 [ | value2 ... ]

When updating multivalued fields on existing users, replacing the current field’s values with one or more new values may not be what you want. You may want to remove some values or add to the current values. You can use field directives to specify how to treat the existing field’s values. Field directives go in front of the field value and are surrounded by the vertical bar character, as follows:

|directive [ ; directive ] | field values

You can choose from the following directives:

Note –

Field values are case-sensitive. This is important when specifying the Merge and Remove directives. The values must match exactly to correctly remove values or avoid having multiple similar values when merging.