Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

AuditLog Reports

AuditLog reports are based on events captured in the system audit log. These reports provide information about generated accounts, approved requests, failed access attempts, password changes and resets, self-provisioning activities, policy violations, and service provider (extranet) users, among others.

Note –

Before running audit logs, you must specify the types of Identity Manager events you want to capture. To do this, select Configure from the menu bar, and then select Audit. Select one or more audit group names to record successful and failed events for each group. For more information about setting up audit configuration groups, see Configuring Audit Groups and Audit Events.

ProcedureTo Define an AuditLog Report

  1. Follow the instructions for Creating a Report on Creating Reports.

    Select Identity Manager Reports from the first Report Type menu, and select AuditLog Report from the second menu.

    The Define a Report page opens.

  2. Complete the form and click Save.

    Click Help if you have questions about the form.

    Once you have set and saved report parameters, run the report from the Run Reports page. Click Run to produce a report of all results that match the saved criteria. Included in the report are the date an event occurred, the action performed, and the result of the action.