Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Individual User AuditLog Reports

As with the AuditLog reports, the Individual User AuditLog report is based on events captured in the system audit log. This report, however, prompts you for a user to report on, and returns a list of activities that have been performed on that user. To maximize results, this report searches both the AccountId and ObjectDesc fields in the audit log for the matching user name.

This report can either return a fixed set of columns, or you can select a custom set of columns. Columns are defined in reporttasks.xml and defaultreports.xml. Both files can be found in the sample directory (located in your Identity Manager installation directory).

ProcedureTo Define an Individual User AuditLog Report

  1. Follow the instructions for Creating a Report on Creating Reports.

    Select Identity Manager Reports from the first Report Type menu, and select Individual User AuditLog Report from the second menu.

    The Define a Report page opens.

  2. Complete the form and click Save.

    Click Help if you have questions about the form.