Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Enabling the Task Templates

Identity Manager provides these task templates that you can configure:

Before using the task templates, you must map the task template’s processes.

ProcedureTo Map Process Types

  1. In the Administrator interface, select Server Tasks from the menu, and then select Configure Tasks.

    Figure 9–1 illustrates the Configure Tasks page.

    Figure 9–1 Initial Configure Tasks Page

    Figure illustrating the initial Configure Tasks page.

    The Configure Tasks page contains a table with the following columns:

    • Name. Provides links to the Create User, Delete User, and Update User Templates.

    • Action. Contains one of the following buttons:

      • Enable. Displays if you have not enabled a template yet.

      • Edit Mapping. Displays after you enable a template.

        The procedure for enabling and editing process mappings is the same.

    • Process Mapping. Lists the process type mapped for each template.

    • Description. Provides a short description of each template.

  2. Click Enable to open the Edit Process Mappings page for a template.

    For example, the following page (Figure 9–2) displays for the Create User Template.

    Figure 9–2 Edit Process Mappings Page

    Figure showing the page that displays for the Create
User Template.

    Note –

    The default process type (in this case, createUser) automatically displays in the Selected Process Types list. If necessary, you can select a different process type from the menu.

    • Generally, you do not map more than one process type for each template.

    • If you remove the process type from the Selected Process Types list and do not select a replacement, a Required Process Mappings section displays instructing you to select a new task mapping.

      Figure showing the Required Process Mappings section.
  3. Click Save to map the selected process type and return to the Configure Tasks page.

    Note –

    When the Configure Tasks page re-displays, an Edit Mapping button replaces the Enable button and the process name is listed in the Process Mapping column.

    Figure 9–3 Updated Configure Tasks Table

    Figure showing an updated Configure Tasks table with
the process name listed in the Process Mapping column.

  4. Repeat the mapping process for each of the remaining templates.

Verifying Your Mappings

ProcedureTo Configure a Task Template

After mapping the template process types (Enabling the Task Templates), you can configure the task templates.

  1. In the Administrator interface, click Server Tasks in the main menu, then click Configure Tasks.

    The Configure Tasks page opens.

  2. Select a link in the Name column.

    One of the following pages displays:

    • Edit Task Template 'Create User Template’. Open to edit the template used to create a new user account.

    • Edit Task Template ’Delete User Template’. Open to edit the template used to delete or deprovision a user’s account.

    • Edit Task Template 'Update User Template'. Open to edit the template used to update an existing user’s information.

      Each Edit Task Template page contains a set of tabs that represent a major configuration area for the user workflow.

      The following table describes each tab, its purpose, and which templates use that tab.

    Tab Name 



    General (default tab)

    Allows you to define how a task name displays in the task bar located on the Home and Account pages, and in the task instance table on the Tasks page. 

    Create User and Update User Task Templates only 


    Allows you to specify how user accounts are deleted or deprovisioned 

    Delete User Template only 


    Allows you to configure email notifications sent to administrators and users when Identity Manager invokes a process. 

    All Templates 


    Allows you to enable or disable approvals by type, designate additional approvers, and specify attributes from account data before Identity Manager executes certain tasks. 

    All Templates 


    Allows you to enable and configure auditing for the workflow. Use this tab to configure a workflow to capture information for Workflow Reports. 

    All Templates 


    Allows you to run a task in the background and to allow Identity Manager to retry a task if the task fails. 

    Create User Task Template and Update User Task Templates only 

    Sunrise and Sunset 

    Allows you to suspend a creation task until a specified date/time (sunrise) or to suspend a deletion task until a specified date/time (sunset). 

    Create User Task Template 

    Data Transformations 

    Allows you to configure how user data is transformed during provisioning. 

    Create User and Update User Task Templates only 

  3. Select one of the tabs to configure workflow features for the template.

    Instructions for configuring these tabs are provided in the following sections:

  4. When you are finished configuring the templates, click the Save button to save your changes.