Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Remediation Workflow Process

Identity Manager provides the Standard Remediation Workflow to provide remediation processing for Audit Policy scans.

The Standard Remediation Workflow generates a remediation request (a review-type work item) containing information about the compliance violation and sends an email notification to each Level 1 remediator named in the audit policy. When a remediator mitigates the violation, the workflow changes the state of, and assigns an expiration to, the existing compliance violation object.

A compliance violation is uniquely identified by the combination of the user, policy name, and rulename. When an audit policy evaluates to true, a new compliance violation is created for each user/policy/rule combination, if an existing violation for this combination does not already exist. If a violation does exist for the combination, and the violation is in a mitigated state, then the workflow process takes no action. If the existing violation is not mitigated, then its recurrent count is incremented.

For more information about remediation workflows, see About Audit Policies.