Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Remediator Escalation

Identity Manager allows you to define three levels of remediator escalation. Remediation requests are initially sent to Level 1 remediators. If a Level 1 remediator does not act on a remediation request before the timeout period expires, Identity Manager escalates the violation to the Level 2 remediators and begins a new timeout period. If a Level 2 remediator does not respond before the timeout period expires, then the request is escalated once again to the Level 3 remediator.

To perform remediation, you must designate at least one remediator for your enterprise. Specifying more than one remediator for each level is optional, but recommended. Multiple remediators help ensure workflow is not delayed or halted.

Remediation Security Access

These authorization options are for work items of authType RemediationWorkItem.

By default, the behavior for authorization checks is one of the following:

The second and third checks are independently configurable by modifying these options:

These options can be added or modified in the following:

UserForm: Remediation List