Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Modifying the Configuration Object

When Data Exporter is configured and operational, any data types that are configured to be queued will be captured in the internal queue table. By default this table does not have an upper bound, but one can be configured by editing the Data Warehouse Configuration Configuration object. This object has a nested object named warehouseConfig. Add the following line to the warehouseConfig object:

<Attribute name=’maxQueueSize’ value=’YourValue’/>

The value of maxQueueSize can be any positive integer that is less than 231. Data Exporter disables queuing when that limit is reached. Data that is generated cannot be exported until the queue is drained.

Normal Identity Manager operation can generate multiple thousands of changed records per hour, so the queued table can grow very quickly. Since the queue table is in the Identity Manager repository, this growth will consume tablespace in the RDBMS, with the potential to exhaust the tablespace. Placing a cap on the queue may be necessary if you have a limited amount of tablespace.

Use the Data Queue JMX Mbean to monitor the size of the queue table. See Monitoring Data Exporter for more information.