Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Open the Configure Managed Resources Page

Use the following steps to open the Configure Managed Resources page.

  1. Log in to the Administrator interface.

  2. Click the Resources tab.

    Use one of the following methods to open the Configure Managed Resources page:

    • Locate the Resource Type Actions drop-down list and choose Configure Managed Resources.

    • Click the Configure Types tab.

    The Configure Managed Resources page opens.

    This page has three sections:

    • Resource Connectors. This section lists resource connector types, the connector version, and connector server.

    • Resource Adapters. This section lists resource types that are commonly found in large enterprise environments. The version of the Identity Manager adapter that connects to the resource is listed in the Version column.

    • Custom Resource Adapters. This section is used to add custom resources to the Resources list.