Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Configure an Approval Form for Additional Approvers

  1. Select a form from the Approval Form menu.

    Approvers will use this form to approve or reject an approval request.

  2. Enable checkboxes in the Editable column of the Approval Attributes table to allow approvers to edit the attribute value.

    For example, if you enable the user.waveset.accountId checkbox the approver can change the user’s account ID.

    Note –

    If you modify any account-specific attribute values in the approval form, you will also override any global attribute values with the same name when the user is actually provisioned. For example, if resource R1 exists in your system with a description schema attribute, and you add user.accounts[R1].description attribute to the approval form as an editable attribute, any changes to the description attribute value in the approval form will override the value propagated from global.description for resource R1 only.

  3. Click the Add Attribute orRemove Selected Attributes buttons to specify attributes from the new user’s account data to display in the approval form.

    You cannot remove the default attributes from an approval form unless you modify the XML file.