Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Determine Provisioning Date and Time by Specifying an Attribute

This section provides instructions to help you determine a provisioning date and time based on attribute values in the users account data.

  1. Select Attribute from the Determine sunrise from menu.

    The following options become active:

    • Sunrise Attribute menu. Provides a list of attributes currently defined for the view associated with the task configured by this template.

    • Specific Date Format checkbox and menu. Enables you to specify a date format string for the attribute value (if necessary).

    If you do not enable the Specific Date Format checkbox, date strings must conform to a format that is acceptable to the FormUtil method’s convertDateToString. Consult the product documentation for a complete list of supported date formats.

  2. Select an attribute from the Sunrise Attribute menu.

  3. If necessary, enable the Specific Date Format checkbox and when the Specific Date Format field becomes active, enter a date format string.

    For example, to provision a new user based on their waveset.accountId attribute value using a day, month, and year format specify the information shown in the following figure.

    Figure 9–27 Provisioning a New User by Attribute

    Figure illustrating how to provision a new user by attribute