Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Business Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Assign Resources and Resource Groups

Resources and Resource Groups can be directly assigned to IT Roles and Application roles using the Resources tab of the Create Role form. Resources are described later, in the Understanding and Managing Identity Manager Resources section. Resource Groups are described in the Resource Groupssection.

This procedure describes how to assign resources and resource groups to a role when completing the Create Role form. See To Create Roles Using the Create Role Form to get started.

  1. Click the Resources tab in the Create Role page.

  2. To assign a resource, select it in the Available Resources column and move it to the Current Resources column by clicking the arrow buttons.

  3. If you are assigning multiple resources, you can specify the order in which the resources are updated: Select the Update resources in order checkbox and use the + and - buttons to change the order of the resources in the Current Resources column.

  4. To assign a resource group to this role, select it in the Available Resource Groups column and move it to the Current Resource Groups column by clicking the arrow buttons. A resource group is a collection of resources that provides another way to specify the order in which resource accounts are created and updated.

  5. To specify account attributes for this role on a per resource basis, click Set Attribute Values in the Assigned Resources section. See To View or Edit Resource Account Attributes for more information.

  6. Click Save to save the role, or click the Identity, Roles, or Security tabs to continue with the role creation process.

    The following figure shows the Create Role form’s Resources tab.

    Figure 5–5 The Resources section of the Create Role Tabbed Form

    Figure illustrating the Resources tab on the Create Role