Sun Identity Manager 8.1 System Administrator's Guide

Tuning Reconciliation

The Reconciler is the Identity Manager component that performs reconciliation. This section suggests methods for improving Reconciler performance, including:

General Suggestions for Tuning Reconciliation

In general, you can improve Reconciler performance if you do the following:

Tuning the Reconciler Server Settings

Although the default settings are usually adequate, you can sometimes improve Reconciler performance if you adjust the following settings on the Edit Server Settings page:

During idle times, the threads stop if they have no work to do, but only down to the minimum number of threads specified. As the load increases, the Reconciler adds more threads until the maximum number of threads is reached. The Reconciler never has less than the minimum number of threads or more than the maximum.

Generally, more threads allow more concurrency. However, at some point, too many threads can put too much load on the machine or just do not provide additional benefit.

Note –

Recommending generic, optimal settings is not possible because deployments are so different. Reconciler settings must be adjusted differently for each deployment environment.

ProcedureTo Change the Reconciler Server Settings

Perform the following steps to change the Reconciler server settings:

  1. Log into the Administrator interface.

  2. Click the Configure -> Servers -> Reconciler tabs.

  3. When the Edit Server Settings page is displayed, adjust the settings as necessary.

    See Editing Default Server Settings for more information.

Tuning Reconciliation for Multiple Resources

If you are configuring reconciliation for multiple resources in Identity Manager, you have several options:

An ideal solution does not exist for this configuration because deployments are so different. You might have to mix and match these options to find an acceptable solution for your deployment.

Preparing a usage survey, based on the business reasons behind this functionality, might help you decide how to proceed.

Address these questions:

Also, remember that the reconciliation server does not have to be one of the pools that handles web traffic. You can add a server that you never interact with directly because this server exists solely for transaction processing. Having a server dedicated to transaction processing might make the first option more attractive for very large systems.