Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Additional Management Topics

The following sections describe the following connector-related management tasks in an Identity Manager deployment:

Changing the Connector Server or Version Used by a Resource

When you create a resource, Identity Manager writes information about the selected connector server to the resource object. You can change the connector server of an existing resource, or change the version of the connector.

ProcedureTo Change Connector Server Information in the Resource Object

  1. From the Resource page, select the resource you want to edit.

  2. Select the Resource Actions > Change Connector Parameters menu option. Note that Identity Manager permits you to select only a connector server that has at least one version of the connector available. The only versions displayed are those provided by the selected connector server.

Setting a Time-Out for a Connector-Based Resource

When you are editing or creating a connector-based resource, Identity Manager displays a set of fields known as operation time-outs. By default, Identity Manager sets operation time-outs to a value of -1, which represents no time-out. When you set this field to a non-zero value, the operation times out with an error if the connector does not complete the operation sooner than the specified time-out interval. Identity Manager stores time out values in the Resource XML object under the <OperationTimeouts> tag. Time-outs with a value of -1 are not stored in the XML.

Editing Connection Pool Parameters

When editing a connector-based resource, you will see the Connector Pooling configuration fields on the final page of the resource wizard. From that page, you can set values for these attributes:

Using Resource Actions with Connector-Based Resources

Connector-based resources follow the same rules as adapter-based resources in terms of defining resources actions to use as before and after actions. Identity Manager supports the use of before and after actions, including create, update, delete, disable, and enable operations.

Removing a Connector from Deployment

You remove a connector from deployment by removing its corresponding .jar or DLL file. Once the connector is removed, Identity Manager can no longer access it. If you remove a connector from deployment while Identity Manager resources still reference it for their implementation, any further use of that resource within Identity Manager will result in run-time errors. To help prevent this problem, run the Connectors-In-Use report before removing connectors from deployment.