Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Additional Information

This section provides some additional information related to this adapter, including:


You can list any object specified in Domino. Pass in the view name as the “type” to the listAllObjects call.

Form Updates

Since some of these operations require additional attributes, default forms must be updated to include these attributes.

The resource definition already defines the attributes that should be passed to the various views.


The following sample UserForm illustrates how the searchFilter option for the getResourceObjects method can be implemented for Domino. This form finds all users with the last name Smith on the resource MyResource. Users are displayed by internal identifier, such as com.waveset.object.GenericObject%4014a614a6, rather than account IDs.

<DOCTYPE Configuration PUBLIC 'waveset.dtd' 'waveset.dtd'>
<Configuration name='Domino searchFilter Form' wstype=UserForm'"
   <Display class=’EditForm’/>
   <Field name=’rcwfield’>
      <Display class=’MultiSelect’>
         <Property name=’title’ value=’My Lister’/>
         <Property name=’availableTitle’ value=’Listing available items’/>
         <Property name=’selectedTitle’ value=’Selected Item(s)’/>
         <Property name=’allowedValues’>
         <block trace=’true’>
               <invoke name=’getResourceObjects’ class=’com.waveset.ui.FormUtil’>
                     <MapEntry key=’searchAttrsToGet’>
                     <MapEntry key=’searchFilter’ value=’@IsAvailable(LastName) &amp; 

Other Form Issues

Attributes Configured to be Passed Into Views


The following variables are available for use in before and after actions:

The WSUSER_UNID variable refers to the Lotus Notes universal ID. This variable cannot be referenced until after the account has been created.