Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Adding FIND Method Support to the USER_PROFILE Component Interface

The default USER_PROFILE component interface does not support the FIND method. However, the PeopleSoft Component Interface adapter requires the FIND method in order to support account iteration and list.

Use the following steps to add FIND method support to an existing USER_PROFILE component interface.

ProcedureAdding FIND Method Support

  1. Load the USER_PROFILE component interface in the PeopleSoft Application Designer.

  2. On the left window (which shows the USERMAINT Component), select the OPRID field under the PSOPRDEFN_SRCH object.

    Drag this field over to the right window (which shows the USER_PROFILE CI).

    When you drop the field, a new key called FINDKEYS will be created in the USER_PROFILE CI. Under that key, there will be a sub-key called OPRID.

  3. Right-click on the OPRID name under FINDKEYS, and select Edit Name. Change the name to UserID.

  4. Right click on USER_PROFILE CI and select Component Interface Properties. Select the Standard Methods tab, then select the Find checkbox. Click OK to close the Component Interface Properties dialog.

  5. Save your changes to the USER_PROFILE component interface.

    The Find method is now visible under the METHODS field for the component interface. To verify the functionality of the new FIND method, right-click on the component interface and select Test Component Interface.

    Note –

    A PeopleSoft administrator should grant Full Access to the Find method for the component interface (in addition to the Create, Get, Save, and SetPassword methods).