Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

PeopleSoft Component Interface Resource Objects

The XML of a PeopleSoft Component Interface resource can be edited so that resource objects can be managed. Use the debug pages or [Please define the IDMIDE text entity] to add an ObjectType element.

For example, to add support for the Role resource object, add an ObjectType element similar to the following.

<ObjectType name=’Role’ icon=’role’>
      <ObjectFeature name=’find’/>
   <ObjectAttributes idAttr=’ROLENAME’ displayNameAttr=’ROLENAME’ descriptionAttr=’DESCR’>
      <ObjectAttribute name=’ROLENAME’ type=’string’/>
      <ObjectAttribute name=’DESCR’ type=’string’/>
      <ObjectAttribute name=’ROLESTATUS’ type=’string’/>

The ObjectType name (for example, Role) must match the name of one of the objects in the supportedObjectTypes list of exactly one component interface definition. Each ObjectFeature (for example, find) must have a corresponding feature in the features list in that same supportedObjectTypes. The matched component interface will be the one used to perform the resource feature. (If there are multiple matches, the first one found will be used.)

The following example is part of the component interface definition for the ROLE_MAINT component interface in the component interface map. Note that the Object name Role is found and that an item in the features list is named find.

<Attribute name=’supportedObjectTypes’ >
      <Object name=’Role’>
         <Attribute name=’features’ >
               <Object name=’find’ />
               <Object name=’get’ />

User Form

The following user form fragment can be used to retrieve a list of PeopleSoft roles. Note that ROLENAME and DESCR attributes are being fetched.

<invoke name=’getResourceObjects’ class=’com.waveset.ui.FormUtil’>
   <s>PeopleSoft Component Interface</s>