Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

Installing and Configuring Sun Java System Access Manager (Versions Prior to Access Manager 7.0)

The following sections describe how to install and configure Sun Java System Access Manager and Policy Agent. If you install Sun Java System Access Manager on the same system as the Identity Manager server, see Sun Access Manager Resource Adapter for information about configuration. If you are using the Policy Agent, go to Installing and Configuring the Policy Agent for additional information.

If Access Manager is installed on a different system than the Identity Manager server, then perform the following steps on the Identity Manager system.

ProcedureWhen Access Manager is Installed on a Different System...

  1. Create a directory to place files that will be copied from the Sun Java System Access Manager server. This directory will be called CfgDir in this procedure. The location of Access Manager will be called AccessMgrHome.

  2. Copy the following files from AccessMgrHome to CfgDir. Do not copy the directory structure.

    • lib/*.*

      • locale/*.properties

      • config/serverconfig.xml

      • config/ (Identity Server 2004Q2 and later)

      • config/ums/ums.xml

  3. On UNIX, it may be necessary to change the permissions of the jar files in the CfgDir to allow universal read access. Run the following command to change permissions:

    chmod a+r CfgDir/*.jar

  4. Prepend the JAVA classpath with the following:

    • Windows: CfgDir;CfgDir/am_sdk.jar;CfgDir/am_services.jar;CfgDir/am_logging.jar

      • UNIX: CfgDir:CfgDir/am_sdk.jar:CfgDir/am_services.jar:CfgDir/am_logging.jar

  5. If you are using version 6.0, set the Java system property to point to your CfgDir. Use a command similar to the following:

    java -Dcom.iplanet.coreservices.configpath=CfgDir
  6. If you are using version 6.1 or later, add or edit the following lines in the CfgDir/ file:

    The first line sets the configpath. The last three lines change security settings.

  7. Copy the CfgDir/am_*.jar files to $WSHOME/WEB-INF/lib. If you are using version 6.0, also copy the jss311.jar file to the $WSHOME/WEB-INF/lib directory.

  8. If Identity Manager is running on Windows and you are using Identity Server 6.0, copy IdServer\lib\jss\*.dll to CfgDir and add CfgDir to your system path.

    Note –

    In an environment where Identity Manager is installed on a different system from Access Manager check the following error conditions. If an error java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError, followed by java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError, on subsequent attempts, is returned when attempting to connect to the Access Manager resource, then check for incorrect or missing configuration data.

    Also, check the jar file for the class indicated by the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. Prepend the classpath of the jar file containing the class to the JAVA classpath on the application server.

    Check that the CfgDir contains all the data outlined in Installing and Configuring Sun Java System Access Manager (Versions Prior to Access Manager 7.0) and that all the configuration properties have been assigned correctly.