Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

multiLine Token

The multiLine token matches a pattern that recurs on multiple lines. If the next line matches the multiLine’s internal AttrParse string, the parsed output will be added to the account attribute map at the top level. The parse position will be advanced to the first line that doesn’t match the internal AttrParse string.





Indicates the internal AttrParse string might be optional. 

Indicates that there might be no lines that match the internal AttrParse string and that parsing should continue with the next token. 


Any AttrParse tokens to parse a line of data.


The following multiLine token matches multiple group lines that have a GROUPS[space][space][space]= tag and a space delimited group list.

<multiLine opt=’true’>
   <str name=’GROUP’ multi=’true’ delim=’ ’ trim=’true’/>

AttrParse would add GROUPS = {Group1,Group2,Group3,Group4} to the account attribute map, given the following string is read as input:

GROUPS[space][space][space]= Group1[space]Group2\n
GROUPS[space][space][space]= Group3[space]Group4\n
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