Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Resources Reference

opt Token

The opt token parses optional strings that are arbitrarily complex, such as those that are composed of multiple tokens. If the match token is present, then the internal AttrParse string is used to parse the next part of the screen. If an optional section is present, the parse position will be advanced to the character after the end of the optional section. Otherwise, the parse position is unchanged.




Contains the apMatch token, followed by an AttrParse token.

apMatch. Contains the token to match to determine whether the optional section is present. apMatch is a subtoken that can be used only within the opt token. apMatch token always contains the flag token as a subtoken.

AttrParse. Specifies how to parse the optional part of the screen. This version of the AttrParse element does not use the name argument. It can contain any other token.


The following opt token attempts to match a CONSNAME= text token. If it is found, then it will parse a string of length 8, trim white space, and add the string to the account attribute map for the NETVIEW.CONSNAME attribute.

      <t offset=’-1’> CONSNAME= </t>
      <str name=’NETVIEW.CONSNAME’ len=’8’ trim=’true’ />