Oracle Waveset 8.1.1 Business Administrator's Guide

Creating the Destination on the Broker

By default, the Message Queue broker allows auto-creation of the queue destination (see, where the default value for imq.autocreate.queue is true).

If the queue destination is not created automatically, you must create the destination object on the broker using the command shown in Creating the Destination on the Broker (where myTestQueue is the destination).

Example 11–4 Creating a Destination Object on the Broker

name (Queue name): 
#> cd /opt/sun/mq/bin 
#>./imqcmd create dst -t q -n mytestQueue 
Username: <admin> 
Password: <admin> 
Creating a destination with the following attributes: 
Destination Name mytestQueue 
Destination Type Queue On the broker specified by: 
Host Primary Port 
------------------------- localhost 7676 
Successfully created the destination.

You can store administered objects in a directory or in a file: