The Java EE 6 Tutorial, Volume I

SelectOne Properties

SelectOne properties accept the same types as Input and Output properties, because a SelectOne component represents the single selected item from a set of items. This item can be any of the primitive types and anything else for which you can apply a converter.

Here is an example of the selectOneMenu tag from Displaying a Menu Using the h:selectOneMenu Tag:

<h:selectOneMenu   id="shippingOption"

Here is the bean property corresponding to this tag:

protected String shippingOption = "2";

public void setShippingOption(String shippingOption) {
    this.shippingOption = shippingOption;
public String getShippingOption() {
    return this.shippingOption;

Note that shippingOption represents the currently selected item from the list of items in the SelectOne component.

The SelectItem and SelectItems components are used to represent all the values in a SelectOne component. This is explained in the section Displaying a Menu Using the h:selectOneMenu Tag.

For information on how to write the backing bean properties for the SelectItem and SelectItems components, see SelectItem Properties and SelectItems Properties .