The Java EE 6 Tutorial, Volume I

NetBeans IDE

The NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE) is a free, open-source IDE for developing Java applications, including enterprise applications. NetBeans IDE supports the Java EE platform. You can build, package, deploy, and run the tutorial examples from within NetBeans IDE.

To run the tutorial examples, you need the latest version of NetBeans IDE. You can download NetBeans IDE from

ProcedureTo Add Enterprise Server as a Server in NetBeans IDE

To run the tutorial examples in NetBeans IDE, you must register your Enterprise Server installation as a NetBeans Server Instance. Follow these instructions to register the Enterprise Server in NetBeans IDE.

  1. Select Tools -> Servers to open the Servers dialog.

  2. Click Add Server.

  3. Under Server, select GlassFish v3 and click Next.

  4. Under Server Location, enter the location of your Enterprise Server installation and click Next.

  5. Select Register Local Default Domain.

  6. Click Finish.