The Java EE 6 Tutorial, Volume I

Java EE 6 Tutorial Component

The tutorial example source is contained in the tutorial component. To obtain the tutorial component, use the Update Tool.

ProcedureTo Obtain the Tutorial Component

  1. Start the Update Tool.

    • From the command line, type the command updatetool.

    • On a Windows system, select the following:

      Start -> All Programs -> Java EE 6 SDK -> Start Update Tool

  2. Expand the GlassFish v3 node.

  3. Select the Available Add-ons node.

  4. From the list, select the Java EE 6 Tutorial checkbox.

  5. Click Install.

  6. Accept the license agreement.

    After installation, the Java EE 6 Tutorial appears in the list of installed components. The tool is installed in the as-install/docs/javaee-tutorial directory. This directory contains two subdirectories, docs and examples. The examples directory contains subdirectories for each of the technologies discussed in the tutorial.