The Java EE 6 Tutorial, Volume I

Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Running roster Using Ant

To build the application components of roster, enter the following command:


This runs the default task, which compiles the source files and packages the application into an EAR file located at tut-install/examples/persistence/roster/dist/roster.ear.

To deploy the EAR, make sure the Enterprise Server is started, then enter the following command:

ant deploy

The build system will check to see if the JavaDB database server is running and start it if it is not running, then deploy roster.ear. The Enterprise Server will then drop and create the database tables during deployment, as specified in persistence.xml.

After roster.ear is deployed, a client JAR, rosterClient.jar, is retrieved. This contains the application client.

To run the application client, enter the following command:

ant run

You will see the output, which begins:

[echo] running application client container.
[exec] List all players in team T2:
[exec] P6 Ian Carlyle goalkeeper 555.0
[exec] P7 Rebecca Struthers midfielder 777.0
[exec] P8 Anne Anderson forward 65.0
[exec] P9 Jan Wesley defender 100.0
[exec] P10 Terry Smithson midfielder 100.0

[exec] List all teams in league L1:
[exec] T1 Honey Bees Visalia
[exec] T2 Gophers Manteca
[exec] T5 Crows Orland

[exec] List all defenders:
[exec] P2 Alice Smith defender 505.0
[exec] P5 Barney Bold defender 100.0
[exec] P9 Jan Wesley defender 100.0
[exec] P22 Janice Walker defender 857.0
[exec] P25 Frank Fletcher defender 399.0

The all Task

As a convenience, the all task will build, package, deploy, and run the application. To do this, enter the following command:

ant all

Undeploying order

To undeploy roster.ear, enter the following command:

ant undeploy