The Java EE 6 Tutorial, Volume I

Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Running roster in NetBeans IDE

    Follow these instructions to build, package, deploy, and run the roster example to your Enterprise Server instance using NetBeans IDE.

  1. In NetBeans IDE, select File->Open Project.

  2. In the Open Project dialog, navigate to tut-install/examples/persistence/.

  3. Select the roster folder.

  4. Select the Open as Main Project and Open Required Projects check boxes.

  5. Click Open Project.

  6. In the Projects tab, right-click the roster project and select Run.

You will see the following partial output from the application client in the Output tab:

List all players in team T2:
P6 Ian Carlyle goalkeeper 555.0
P7 Rebecca Struthers midfielder 777.0
P8 Anne Anderson forward 65.0
P9 Jan Wesley defender 100.0
P10 Terry Smithson midfielder 100.0

List all teams in league L1:
T1 Honey Bees Visalia
T2 Gophers Manteca
T5 Crows Orland

List all defenders:
P2 Alice Smith defender 505.0
P5 Barney Bold defender 100.0
P9 Jan Wesley defender 100.0
P22 Janice Walker defender 857.0
P25 Frank Fletcher defender 399.0