Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Installation Guide

Installation Files for Enterprise Server v3

Installation files are available by download from the following locations:

Table 1–1 lists the download options. The table also provides links to installation instructions for each option.

Table 1–1 Download Options for Enterprise Server v3

Download Option 

Installation Instructions 

Multi-platform ZIP file  

Using Enterprise Server ZIP File Installation.

Solaris, Linux, Mac OS, UNIX file 

Using Enterprise Server GUI Installation.

Windows file 

Using Enterprise Server GUI Installation.

Enterprise Server v3 is also part of the Java EE 6 SDK distributions. The SDK distributions are available from the Java EE downloads page and are not described in this document.

Note –

After downloading the installation file, set JAVA_HOME and $JAVA_HOME/bin in the PATH to point to the supported JDK version.