Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Application Deployment Guide

Redeploying a Standalone Connector Module

Redeployment of a connector module maintains all connector connection pools, connector resources, and administered objects defined for the previously deployed connector module. You do not need to reconfigure any of these resources.

However, you should redeploy any dependent modules. A dependent module uses or refers to a connector resource of the redeployed connector module. Redeployment of a connector module results in the shared class loader reloading the new classes. Other modules that refer to the old resource adapter classes must be redeployed to gain access to the new classes. For more information about class loaders, see Chapter 2, Class Loaders, in Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Application Development Guide.

During connector module redeployment, the server log provides a warning indicating that all dependent applications should be redeployed. Client applications or application components using the connector module’s resources may throw class cast exceptions if dependent applications are not redeployed after connector module redeployment.

To disable automatic redeployment, set the --force option to false. In this case, if the connector module has already been deployed, Enterprise Server provides an error message.