Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v3 Application Deployment Guide

General Deployment Functionality

Various Java EE module types, such as connector module, web module, EJB module, application client module, can be deployed in the following ways:

A deployment plan, which deploys a portable archive along with a deployment plan containing Enterprise Server– specific deployment descriptors, can apply to any of these deployment techniques. For instructions, see To Deploy an Application or Module by Using a Deployment Plan.

There are two work situations that require different safeguards and processes:

Some deployment methods that are used effectively in a development environment should not be used in production. For example, dynamic reloading is a quick way for developers to reload an application, but might degrade performance in a production environment. In addition, whenever a reload is done, the sessions that are in transit become invalid, which might not be a concern for development, but can be a serious matter in production. The client must restart the session, another negative in a production environment.