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Sun StorEdge 3000 Family CLI 2.5 User’s Guide




1. Overview

Supported Communication Modes

Accessing the Sun StorEdge CLI

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Access the Sun StorEdge CLI from UNIX Operating Systems

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Access the Sun StorEdge CLI from the Microsoft Windows Operating System

Accessing the Man Page and Help

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Access the Man Page from UNIX Operating Systems

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Access Help from the Microsoft Windows Operating System

Interactive Command Mode

Single-Command Mode

Command Keywords

Device Names for Inband Communication

Device Names for Out-of-Band Communication

Disk Device Syntax

Logical Drive Syntax

Logical Volume Syntax

Device Capacity

2. System Function Commands

Basic Commands







Network Commands

configure network-interface

create host-wwn-name

delete host-wwn-name

set protocol

show host-wwn-names

show ip-address

show network-parameters

show port-wwn

show protocol

show rs232-configuration

Component Status Commands

set auto-write-through-trigger

show access-mode

show auto-write-through-trigger

show battery-status

show enclosure-status

show frus

show peripheral-device-status

Configuration Commands

download nvram

reset nvram

show bypass device

show bypass RAID

show bypass SFP

show configuration

show loop-map

upload nvram

Event Message Commands

clear events

show events

show persistent-events

3. Controller and Disk Commands

Controller Commands

download controller-configuration




reset controller

set cache-parameters

set controller-date

set controller-name

set controller-password

set rs232-configuration

set unique-identifier

show cache-parameters

show controller-date

show controller-name

show inquiry-data

show redundancy-mode

show redundant-controller

show shutdown-status

show unique-identifier

shutdown controller


upload controller-configuration

Disk Commands

abort clone


configure global-spare

scan disk

set disk-array

set led

show clone

show disk-array

show disks

show led-status

unconfigure global-spare

4. Channel Commands

Channel Commands

configure channel

set drive-parameters

set host-parameters

set inter-controller-link

show channels

show drive-parameters

show host-parameters

show inter-controller-link

5. Logical Drive, Partition, and Logical Volume Commands

Logical Drive Commands

abort create

abort expand

abort media-check

abort parity-check

abort rebuild

add disk

check media

check parity

configure local-spare

create logical-drive

delete logical-drive



set logical-drive

show disks logical-drive

show logical-drive

show logical-drives add-disk

show logical-drives expanding

show logical-drives initializing

show logical-drives logical volume

show logical-drives parity-check

show logical-drives rebuilding

show media-check

show stripe-size-list

shutdown logical-drive

unconfigure local-spare

Partition Commands

configure partition

map partition

show lun-maps

show partitions

unmap partition

Logical Volume Commands

create logical-volume

delete logical-volume

set logical-volume

show logical-volumes

6. Firmware Show and Download Commands

Show Commands

show safte-device

show sata-mux

show sata-router

show ses-devices

Download Commands

download controller-firmware

download disk-firmware

download pld-hardware

download safte-firmware

download sata-path-controller-firmware

download sata-router-firmware

download ses-firmware

A. Summary of Sun StorEdge CLI Options and Commands

B. Error and Event Messages

C. Show Configuration Command Output

Show Configuration Output

XML DTD for the show configuration --xml Command

Sample Show Configuration XML Output