C H A P T E R  2

Installing the InfiniBand Fabric Expansion Module

This chapter describes how to install the Sun InfiniBand Dual Port 4x DDR PCIe Fabric Expansion Module (IB-FEM) in your system and verify that it has been installed correctly.

This chapter includes the following section:

Installing the IB-FEM

The following instructions describe the basic tasks required to install the IB-FEM inside a blade server module. Refer to your blade server’s system installation or server manual for detailed FEM instructions.

procedure icon  To Install the IB-FEM

1. Halt and power off your system.

2. Attach the adhesive copper strip of the antistatic wrist strap to the server module chassis. Wrap the other end twice around your wrist, with the adhesive side against your skin.

3. Perform an orderly shutdown of the server module.

4. Remove the server module from the system chassis.

5. Remove the cover from the server module.

6. Locate the FEM connectors on the server module.

Ensure that you do use the correct connector. Look for the FEM label on the connectors.

caution icon Caution - Do not use the connectors labeled REM.

7. Slide the IB-FEM card at an angle into the support bracket, then press it carefully into the connector.

8. Replace the cover on the server module.

9. Reinstall the server module into the chassis.

Refer to the server module’s service manual for specific instructions.

FIGURE 2-1 Installing the IB-FEM

Figure showing module being installed on server blade.