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Sun Fire X4170 M2 and X4270 M2 Servers Installation Guide for Windows Operating Systems

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Part I Windows Server Installations

1.  Assisted OS Installation With Sun Installation Assistant (SIA)

2.  Getting Started

3.  Installing Windows Server 2008

4.  Post Installation of Windows Server 2008

Part II Windows Server System Administrator References

A.  Supported Installation Methods

B.  Supported Operating Systems

C.  BIOS Defaults for New Installations

D.  Downloading the ISO Image for the Tools and Drivers DVD

ISO Image Download Procedure

Download the Tools and Drivers DVD Image

E.  Incorporating Device Drivers Into Windows Server 2008 WIM Images for Windows Deployment Services


Appendix D

Downloading the ISO Image for the Tools and Drivers DVD

Use the download instructions in this appendix if a Tools and Driver DVD was not shipped with your server or, if you need to verify that the Tools and Drivers DVD shipped with your server contains the latest tools and firmware for your server.

ISO Image Download Procedure

Follow the steps in the procedure below to download the ISO image for the Tools and Drivers DVD.