Solaris Common Desktop Environment: Advanced User's and System Administrator's Guide

Using Workstations as XTerminals

If you have older workstations or workstations with 16 megabytes or less of memory, you can use them as Xterminals when they are loaded with Solaris 2.4 software or later (or Solaris 2.3 software with the Xserver jumbo patch).

Note –

If the fonts on your workstation's screen do not display normally when following the procedures below, Solaris CDE may not be installed on the host workstation. Use the pkgadd utility to add the SUNWdtft() Solaris CDE font package separately from a Solaris CDE 1.0.x unbundled release.

To Use Chooser To Select a Host CDE Login

  1. Exit any running window system.

  2. Start Chooser. From the console command line, type the following commands (using csh):

    	setenv OPENWINHOME /usr/openwin
    	/usr/openwin/bin/X -indirect CDE_login_host

    The Xserver starts and displays the Chooser window from the host.

  3. Select the desired login host from the Chooser window.

To Use a Specific Host CDE Login

    Type the following command and press Return:

	/usr/openwin/bin/X -once -query CDE_login_host

The Xserver starts and displays the Login screen from the host. The -once option will exit the server after one login/logout session. If the -once option is not added, the Login screen appears again after the Solaris CDE logout.

To Use the First Available Host Login

    Type the following command and press Return:

	/usr/openwin/bin/X -broadcast

This starts the Xserver. On the local sub-net, it broadcasts a request for an XDM (X Display Manager) login service. If any systems on the sub-net are running the Solaris CDE Login Manager (or any other XDM-based login window), the first host to respond places its login window on your desktop.