Solaris Advanced User's Guide

Using rlogin to Run a Networked Application

To use the following procedure to run a remote application, you must meet these requirements.

Contact your system administrator if you do not understand these requirements.

To run a networked application on a remote machine, set your environment variables with the following values.

The following procedure describes how to run an application on a remote machine with the rlogin command.

How to Run an Application on a Remote Machine
  1. Use the xhost command on the local machine to give the remote machine display access.

    starbug$ xhost + venus
  2. Log in to the remote machine.

    starbug$ rlogin venus -l user2
    Last login: Wed Nov  1 16:06:21 from starbug
    Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.9       Generic February 2002
  3. Set the DISPLAY variable to the local machine.

    venus$ DISPLAY=starbug:0.0  
  4. Export the DISPLAY variable to the local machine.

    venus$ export DISPLAY
  5. Run the application.

    venus$ bigprogram & 

Even though you interact with this application just as you would with any other application on your screen, the application runs on the remote machine.

The benefit from running an application in this way is that it uses fewer computing resources than an application that is installed on your machine. This example shows how to run any remote application to which you have access.