Solaris Advanced User's Guide

Allowing Access When Using SUN-DES-1

If you are using the SUN-DES-1 authorization protocol, follow these steps to allow another user access to your server.

  1. On the machine that runs the server, use xhost to make the new user known to the server.

    For this example, to allow new user somebody to run on myhost:

    myhost% xhost + somebody@
  2. The new user must use the xauth command to add the entry into his or her .Xauthority file.

    For this example, the new user's machine independent netname is unix.15339@EBB.Sun.COM. Note that this command should be typed on one line with no carriage return. After the pipe symbol, type a space followed by the remainder of the command.

    userhost% echo 'add myhost:0 SUN-DES-1 “unix.15339@EBB.Sun.COM”' |