Font Administrator User's Guide

To Use the Directory Chooser

Use the directory chooser to:

Note –

The title bar indicates the current reason for displaying the directory chooser.

Figure 3–4 Directory Chooser

Image shows how to choose the new font path from the
directory chooser.

The directory chooser consists of the following parts:

Enter path or folder name

Type and/or view the path to go to. To choose a directory from a diskette or CDROM, click the option arrow and select the desired type of drive.


Display only those files and folders that match.


When you go to a directory, lists its subdirectories.


When you go to a directory, lists its files.


Choose the last directory for which you did a Go To.

Go To

Display a list of folders and files for the directory named at the top of the directory chooser.

Caution – Caution –

If you click a folder but do not click Go To, the folder name appears at the top of the directory chooser but the parent directory is still selected. To avoid choosing the parent directory by accident, always double-click or Go To the folder you want.

The Files list is always grayed out, because the task is to choose a directory (a folder), not a file.